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Friday- Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution Writing Challenge

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Watch Miss Purcell write her New Year’s resolution down. Can you write your New Year’s resolution down? We wrote our resolutions on stars at school and hung them up so we can remember them, you could do this at home!
Tips for writing:
-Say your sentence out loud first and count the words using your sentence fingers.
-Remember to put finger spaces between your words.
-Sound out the words using your robot arms and write the sounds you can hear. Remember, it’s ok if the words are not spelt correctly. Use your letters and sounds knowledge to write them phonetically. Tricky words should be spelt correctly (these are the words on your keyring).
-Keep using your sentence fingers to remember where you are up to and so you don’t forget any words.
-If you run out of room, start a new line underneath.
-When you have finished, read your sentence back to yourself.
-Put a full stop at the end of the sentence.
-Have an alphabet available to look at in case you don’t know what any of the letters look like.

*Parents* Examples of how your child might write phonetically:
‘I want to get better as dancing.’ might be written ‘I wont to get betr at dansing.’
‘I will be good at listening.’ might be written ‘I will be gud at lisning.’
This way of writing encourages your child to be independent in their writing, writing the sounds they can hear in the words builds their confidence. It’s ok if words are not spelt correctly but feel free to show them the correct spellings if you wish to.

See some examples!

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Mrs Brown shows you some of the New Year’s resolutions that have been made at school. Don’t forget to post a picture of your work on Tapestry!

Thursday- Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

Listen to Miss Purcell read the story 'Squirrel's New Year's Resolution'. Chat to your grown up about the new year. Did you stay up late to welcome the new year in? Do you know what the year is this year? Do you know the months of the year? What do you think a resolution might mean? Tomorrow (Friday) we will be writing our own resolutions down.