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Tuesday 12th January

  • Watch Miss Purcell tell the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears again, try to join in with the words and actions. Play in your role play area again. Have a go at being all the characters. Use expression in your voice. 


  • Join in with the song 'When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears Song'. Can you do the actions? Maybe you could use an instrument to play along. If you don't have any instruments at home, why not make one! Shakers are really easy to make using a cardboard tube and some rice! I'd love to see some videos of you joining in on Tapestry! 

When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears Song

Still image for this video
Can you sing along and do the actions?

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.

Another version for you to join in with if you wish. In this version it's 'blue' eyes instead of 'two' eyes. Maybe you could film your own version just like this little girl!