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Tuesday 2nd February

Revision Session - Word Reading

If you do not have a printer, read the sentence on your computer/tablet and then draw a picture to match the sentence. 

Writing Activity

Write some simple sentences about what you can see on the pictures above. Please write at least 3 sentences, you can write more if you wish. 


Start your sentence with...


'I can see...' 


Then finish the sentence by choosing one of the pictures.


Remember to use your sentence fingers to count how many words are in your sentence. Remember to use finger spaces in between your words. Use your robot arms to segment the sounds. Write the sounds you can hear. Use a capital letter and a full stop if you can remember. 


Post a picture of your sentences on Tapestry. 




*Parents* Answers:

I can see a bath.

I can see a path.

I can see a chin.

I can see a shed.

I can see a fish.

I can see a van.

I can see a vet.

I can see a shop. 

I can see jam. 

I can see a shell. 

I can see six.

I can see a jug.

I can see a/the King. 

I can see a jet.

I can see a ship.

I can see a ring. 

I can see a zip. 

I can see a box. 

I can see a web.

I can see a wig.