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Wednesday 13th January

1. New sound: w

Sing the Jolly Phonics song and do the action for 'w'! Can you tell your grown up anything that begins with the sound 'w'? Can you find anything in your house that begins with the sound 'w'? If you do find anything, take a picture and put it on Tapestry!

2. New sound: w

Join in with this Letters and Sounds session all about the sound 'w'!

Your grown up will read the story to you, however, you will be able to help to read some of the words, such as 'and'.

Can you spot these tricky words in the story: was, he, to, no, the

Can you find and read these VC/CVC words in the story: had, hat, on, cat, not, got, pot, did, his, bug, web, put, well