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Week 2: Week beginning 1st March 2021

This week, the general theme is books and reading!  The class book for the week is 'Grandma Bird' and there are some activities you can do linked to this.  There is also a special story that will be posted on Thursday for World Book Day - so watch out for that!  Have a lovely week!

Grandma Bird By Benji Davies


Today, I would like you to listen to some of the stories that Mrs Capener and Mrs Chapman have recorded for you (you'll find them in the reading section under 'Other stories').  Choose your favourite and then try writing a 'book review' for it.  Think about doing a short summary of what the story is about and describing the main character/s.  Say why you liked it and whether you would recommend it to others!

Thursday - World Book Day


The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson

We hope you enjoy listening to this story.  For your World Book Day activity I would like you to make a list of all the things you have liked doing while you have been at home doing your learning,  Have a lovely day! blush


Remember, if you want to dress up for our zoom later then please do, but you don't have to!


Free writing choice!

Write about what ever you like! You could write your own story, re-tell a story that we have looked at over the last 8 weeks, research facts about something that interests you or write a riddle or poem!