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Week 4: Week beginning 25th January 2021

English tasks this week will be linked to the story 'Dogger' for the first part of the week and then link to our topic of 'Inventions'. Have fun!

Dogger By Shirley Hughes

Listen to the story and complete the activity to summarise the story setting, characters and what happened.
Can you create a 'lost toy' poster to help find Dogger?  You don't have to use the template above if you don't want to - this just gives you some ideas of the kind of information you need to include on your poster.


Please write about your favourite toy.  Tell me what it is, what it looks like and why it is your favoourite.  You can draw a picture of it too!  Don't forget what you need for a good sentence!

Linking to our topic this week, please complete one of the comprehensions. 
What can you invent and why would you like to invent it?  You don't have to use the template attached but it will give you some ideas!  Don't forget to tell me how it works!