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Week 6: Week beginning 8th February 2021

Our focus book this week is 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'.  We will look at how important it is to recycle and the impact of plastic on our planet.  As it is the last week of term I thought I'd give you some practical tasks!  Hope you enjoy them!


On Tuesday it is Safer Internet Day so take a break from your English work to watch the live lesson on BBC.  I've also put on the video that we watched in school to help to remind you how to stay safe online.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts

Complete this comprehension about plastic pollution.

Tuesday - Safer Internet Day

Follow the links for a live lesson at 11.00am and watch the video.  Think about what we have talked about at school when we did our topic work on personal information and staying safe online.



Can you design and make something using recycled materials? I've attached 2 ideas but you you can make something completely different, too!  


Activity 1

Draw and label your design.


Activity 2

Make it!


Activity 3

Write some instructions on how to make it.  


Activity 4

Send your work in on Seesaw and I will share them for others in your class to make!




Can you design a poster to encourage people to recycle more and why it is important?