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Week 6: Week beginning 8th February 2021

We are learning to tell the time, this week!  We will concentrate on an anolog clock (digital times are covered in Year 3) and start with o'clock and half past the hour.  We will then look at quarter to and quarter past and finally reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 


Your child should not worry about looking at telling the time to 5 minutes unless they are super confident doing  o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


The key to getting better is lots of practise!  I have provided some links to games and an interactive clock.  Telling the time is also linked to the 5 times table so if you haven't already done so, please start to learn it.  Check under times tables on the main menu for a log for the 5 times table so you can record your progress as you practise.


Watch the lesson on 'Time' on Seesaw to help you with your work this week!




Resources you will need!

Watch the video to help you understand why we have days, months and years!  


Then complete the time challenges to help you understand seconds and minutes!