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Weekly Spellings

Spelling ideas

The link below provides some ideas of how to learn spellings in different and fun ways as we all learn differently!

Week Commencing 1st March

Year 3/4 Spellings continued...

Week Commencing 22nd February

Year 3/4 Spellings

Week commencing 1st & 8th February

Prefixes (dis-, mis- and un-)

Spellings w/c 1st & 8th February


Over the next few weeks, I would like you to complete the activities related to the prefixes: dis-, mis- and un-.  I will upload a video later that should help too.  TAKE YOUR time and learn spellings little and often.  When you think you know a set, have a quiz on these. 

You will have a few weeks to learn the attached spellings.  Do not look at these until you have completed the “What is a prefix?” section and have had a go at making some words with these three prefixes.

NOTE: It is important we understand how prefixes work, so please do a minimum of looking at the “What is a prefix?” section below.


What is a Prefix?

Answer this question if you can remember.  The link below should help you to remember:

Remember: prefix + root word = new word (with different meaning).


Can you write any words starting with the prefix dis-?  How does the prefix change the meaning of the words? What does the prefix mean? Repeat for the prefixes mis- and un-.  Attached below are a list of words for each of the prefixes – look at after you have had a go at writing the words.  You may have thought of some I haven’t mentioned.


Please complete as many of the activities as you can.  Good luck!

I will also plan a lesson about these next week but it will be good at get a head start with these, especially with the learning of the spellings.

Spellings w/c 25th January


Please find the last set of spellings on homophones.  There are some extra ideas you may wish to carry out on there this week.  Remember with spellings, you might challenge yourself and see how many times you can write a word out correctly in one minute and try to beat a grown up doing this!

Homophones Week 3 - (w/c 25th January)

Spellings w/c 18th January 2021


Please find this week's set of homophones attached.  smiley

Homophones - Week 2 (w/c 18th Jan)

Spellings w/c 11th January 2021

Please find attached a list of some of the Y3/4 homophone spellings.  Over the next few weeks for your spellings, homophones will be the focus and we are looking at these this week in our English lessons too.  I know Year 4 have also been looking at these since there are a lot of them and some are rather tricky!

Please learn your spellings and ask a grown up or big brother or sister to test you on these.  I suggest learning them through the week (even just a few at a time each night) then being tested on the Friday of the week ready for a clear weekend.  A grown up can then send me how you got on on Seesaw.


This is my thinking for now but we will see how we go on...


Many thanks!

w/c Monday 11th January - Homophones