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Thursday 4th- World Book Day Ideas

-Tell a story to a grown up and ask them to scribe it for you (like we did for your alternative Goldilocks story). Your story can be about whatever you like.

-Write your own story and illustrate it. Maybe you could make your own little book out of paper. Don't forget to design a front cover and write your name on!

-Act out your favourite story. You could gather some props and make a role play area based on your favourite book.

-Make some finger puppets of the characters from your favourite story. 

-Make a costume based on your favourite fictional character. 

-Have fun reading as many stories as you can!

Extreme Reading Challenge!

Where is the coolest, craziest, most adventurous place you have ever read a story? Have a go at some extreme reading this World Book Day! I can't wait to see all the creative places you choose to read your books! Please post your pictures on Tapestry and I will share them on the School website. 

*Please follow government guidelines if you do your extreme reading whilst out and about and please do not do anything that would put yourself or others in danger.