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Y4 Photo Gallery

We love this video from Lorelei! heart She explains the results of her science experiment about states of matter. Brilliant! yes
Super web-pages about saving the elephants Lola! laugh Well done including some hyperlinks. yes
Perfect persuasive poster Thomas! yes Brilliant slogan from the point of view of the animals.
Wonderful web-pages about deforestation Thomas! laugh We like the links you have created to other web-pages and the inclusion of some suggested activities. You have done well to raise awareness of the issues involved and given good advice about how the reader can help.  Super job! yes 
A brilliant PowerPoint presentation about the Amazon rainforest Molly! laugh Very informative. yes
Great poster for VE Day George and a fabulous rainforest mask Molly! yes
A fantastic rainforest puppet theatre Evie! We really enjoyed your video of your play about The Great Kapok Tree which you sent on Seesaw. Well done. yes  
Well done writing about Brazil Lily and we love your rainforest George! heart Good job both of you. yes
Super rainforest poem Vinci! Well done. yes Good to see more examples of Brazilian currency too. 
A fabulous rainforest mask Madeleine! yes We like the bunting you have made ready for VE Day. We hear that you are creating a menu for a tea party to celebrate! What a lovely idea.
We are loving your work violet! heart It is brilliant that you have your own examples of coins from Brazil. Good so see your brothers helping you with your baking. yes Or helping you eat it! wink
Another great guide to Brazil! Well done Cameron. yes Your banana and cherry cake looks really tasty! heart 
This is a fabulous Powerpoint presentation for your guide to Brazil and a super rainforest mask! smiley Well done Axel. Good to hear that you have been working hard to learn your spellings too. Keep up the good work! yes
Fantastic work Jack! You could get a job on Garden Rescue on TV! laugh
Lovely rainbow signs George. Bet they will look great in your window! Super volcano model too! yes
Fabulous work Cameron! laugh You have been busy! Looks like you have been having fun with the tasks that we have given you. Great job! yes
Wow! James we can see you have been working hard this week! yes Super writing! We love your ideas for your imaginary rainforest animal. Well done! laugh
Your travel guide looks fantastic Thomas! Well done. yes Loving the tiger stripes! heart
Amazing to have your very own rainforest animal to write about Lily! smiley
Great to see you working hard and mixing it with a lot of fun Molly! laugh
Fantastic ideas for your imaginary rainforest animal Marcus! Great picture too. yes
Another lovely Lemon Drizzle cake! heart Well done Lily. It was very kind of you to give your carrot and pineapple cake to your neighbours Joseph. Great to see all this baking at home. laugh
More fab writing connected to The Great Kapok Tree! yes Super animal fact file Thomas and we love the first chapter from your own book George. Well done boys. smiley
Wow Evie! You have been busy doing your research about the rainforest this week. Good presentation too. yes
Looks like a great entry George!smiley  Well done practising your spellings on the computer Violet. Keep up the good work. yes
Fantastic rainforest masks girls! Looks like you have both enjoyed making them. Well done Isabelle and Violet. smiley
Super animal fact file Aften! We can tell that you have worked hard on it. yes
A wonderfully detailed map George! Glad you are having fun! laugh
Super fact files about your chosen animals! Well done Jack and Evie. Love the sloth teddy! 
Looks like a cosy den to watch 'Planet Earth' inside! Hope you enjoyed the documentary Molly. yes
Another person who has enjoyed 'The Great Kapok Tree'. Well done Lily. smiley
These rainforest masks are fantastic! So detailed and colourful. It is lovely to see brothers and sisters making things together too. Well done Joseph! yes
More great rainforest maps! Love the hat too Lorelei! wink
A beautifully illustrated piece of writing. Fantastic job Marcus! smiley
Great map Violet! It is nearly as big as you!
Pleased to hear that you have really enjoyed making your map James. It is great to see you have created a key for it.
Click on the link below to see Thomas entertaining his neighbours last night when clapping for the NHS! We think he is brilliant! yes