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This is our outdoor classroom

Here is our outdoor area, it has lots of different areas to choose from. An adult will always be outside with us and we can play outside almost all day every day - no matter what the weather!

Water Area

Our water area has lots of pouring equipment. We use this to explore mathematical concepts and language such as measuring. We enjoy making potions and exploring how we can make the water travel around the different trays.

Art Area

Here we can use chalk, paint, pens and pencils to create pieces of art work. We can pin paper to the wooden pallet, lay out a role of wallpaper or paint on the see-through easel.

Construction and Building

We have lots of building resources to ignite our imagination. We have wooden blocks, bricks, tyres, chairs and plastic trays. We use our imagination and all the resources available to build lots of exciting things like airplanes, trains and assault courses!

Music Area

Mud Kitchen

We use mud and water to bake cakes, make mud pies and special potions! We use an apron in this area to keep our uniform clean.

Sand Pit

Growing Area

This area changes throughout the year as we begin to plant different things and watch them grow. We enjoy growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.