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School uniform is available to order from our preferred supplier, Poynton School Uniforms. They can be contacted via the link below:   (Password: Birch69)

Our school colour is green with grey, white and yellow. Sweatshirts and cardigans should be green. Polo shirts, tee shirts, hats and summer dresses can be in any of the school colours. In the winter, children usually wear grey skirts, pinafore dresses or trousers. Black 'school' shoes should be worn - 'fashion' footwear such as trainers or heavy boots should not be worn even if they are in school colours. If ‘school’ sandals are worn in warmer weather, they should also be in school colours.


Please ensure all clothing is LABELLED with the child's name so that it can be returned to them if it is misplaced.


Jewellery should not be worn by the pupils for safety reasons however, if earrings must be worn, they should be restricted to one pair of small studs (for those who have had their ears pierced). Nail varnish and other forms of make-up should not be worn. We do not allow hair gel to be worn or fashion statements to be made in school. We seek your support in these matters.


For games and PE, children will need an indoor kit of shorts/leggings, a plain tee shirt and black pumps (for little ones, slip-on pumps may be easier). Worth branded PE tee shirts can be purchased online via Poynton School Uniform. For outdoor sports, a complete change of kit is advised, even underwear as it may get muddy. Kit should be practical, warm and comfortable. All-weather trainers are needed in the juniors for outdoor games; boots with studs can be worn for football/rugby lessons for boys and girls alike at the discretion of the teacher.


Year 3 and 4 children go swimming so a swimming costume will be needed. Children with long hair should wear a swimming cap.


For safety reasons, no jewellery may be worn during any physical activity, long hair must be tied up and appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn. All health and safety rules apply equally to both genders. Pupils are allowed to change into training shoes if they are playing football at break and lunch times, at all other times they must wear acceptable school shoes.


In all matters of policy interpretation, especially uniform matters, the final judgement as to what constitutes acceptable, safe or professional dress shall fall to the Headteacher or his/her representative whose judgement shall be final.


On special occasions: At Christmas, pupils wear uniform on the morning of party day (you will be told when this is) but they can change into party clothes after lunch. On the last day of term, prior to Christmas, Easter and Summer, the children can bring in games to play and be out of uniform for the whole day. We request a donation from the pupils for this privilege – 50p is the guide and the donation goes to school fund. World Book Day, European Day of Languages, Red Nose Day and Children in Need Days are also out of uniform working days with the money going to these charities.