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Winter Term


The first piece of homework to be returned by Friday 23rd September. 


In addition to these homework tasks, I have included some Maths Work mats that are levelled on the arithmetic section of the Year 6 page.  These are one page sheets and cover a multitude of areas.  These are not compulsory but do help with consolidating understanding of taught areas.  The star/s at the bottom denote the difficulty - 1 star, easier to 3 star, harder.  Feel free to post on SeeSaw, highlighting any misconceptions where necessary - I'll support through SeeSaw or in class where needed. 




Long Division, Drop-Down Method

Week 8 Homework 

This week's homework is adding and subtracting fractions. The sheet is mixed addition and subtraction.  You should aim to tackle work in a 30-45min time frame.  If you find you're spending lots of time on a question, move to the next.



Sheet 1 is the easiest of the sheets.  It has fractions with the same denominator so you only have to add/subtract the numerators (top number) in both.  e.g. 2/7 + 3/7 = 5/7


Sheet 2 is a bit tougher than 1.  In this, the fractions do have the same denominator but they will need simplifying at the end using your skills from last week. 


Sheet 3 is the toughest one.  The fractions do not have the same denominator so you will have to convert both so they have like denominators before adding or subtracting.  With some of the answers, you may have to simplify the answers. 


ANSWERS:  All sheets have answer pages so you are able to go through and check how you have got on.