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This is our indoor classroom

All of the different areas we can play in are around the outside of the room. In the middle of the room are some tables. This is where we sit when we are working with an adult. Sometimes there are fun activities for us to have a go at like painting on tinfoil, chalk art or jigsaw puzzles.

Reading Corner

Writing Area

This is where we do our writing. We can write recipes, make posters or draw on the chalkboard. We have magnetic letters and letter stones to make words.

Curiosity Corner

Our curiosity corner changes regularly throughout the term. It always matches what we are learning and gives us an opportunity to explore and learn about a range of things. We have watched peas grow, explored parts of a plant and retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in this area.

Playdough and Role Play

This is our role play and playdough area. It always has the kitchen in as we love pretending to bake and cook using the play dough. This area changes too! It can be a house, vets, hair dressers or even a shoe shop.

Creative Corner

In the creative corner we can use recycled rubbish to create crazy junk models. We make rockets, cars and musical instruments. We also have lots of things to choose from on the shelves and in the draws to make our creations come to life. 

Small World and Construction

In this area we have lots of small world toys like a build your own farm, train set and animals. We have different animals including safari and under the sea. We also have lots of resources to build with. We have wooden blocks, stickle bricks and Lego. Sometimes this area will change to fit in with our topic, at the start of the year we create Poynton Village!

Maths Area

Here is our maths area. The resources in this area change every term to fit in with our learning. We have coloured bears to make patterns, threading beads and strings, peg boards and much more.

Tuff Tray

Every day our tuff tray will have a new activity in it for us to try. It might be sensory, phonics, maths or art. We have made words out of spaghetti, explored melting ice and created pattern headbands in this area.

Snack Table

Our Pegs and Draws

We have our own peg to put all of our belongings on. We also have our own draw which has our name on. This is where we can keep our snacks or anything we make throughout the day.