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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 Children and Parents/Guardians,


Above are the lyrics that Year 6 worked on in the Zoom meeting this past Wednesday.  With the picnic taking place on Tuesday 14th, I was hoping the children would be able to try their best to rehearse the song and we can perform it for the parents/guardians collecting on that evening. 


I will be doing a Zoom session on Wednesday at 2 pm next week, where we'll have the chance to run through it together without any technological hitches (fingers crossed!). We'll also be discussing transition and answering any questions the children have about the move to high school. 


Thank you,


Mr. Smythe

Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 1

Get ready to get SILLY! 


It’s almost time for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

For 2020, it’s all about funny books, happiness and having a laugh!


The Silly Squad is a team of animal friends who love to go on adventures and get stuck into all different kinds of funny books. This year, our Challenge features extra characters designed by the award-winning author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson, who you’ll know from reads like Amelia Fang and Evil Emperor Penguin!


You can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting your own personal reading challenge to complete this summer. Our new online platform will help you keep track of your books, reviews and the rewards you unlock along the way.


As always, we’ll have loads of brilliant book suggestions to get you started, and tips on how you can keep reading even while schools and libraries are closed. We’ll also have heaps of activities, quizzes, videos, games and more to keep you entertained at home!


Silly Squad officially begins on Friday 5 June 2020.

Visit and keep an eye on the website for the latest Summer Reading Challenge news, including details of our fantastically fun launch party!

Number Bingo Starter - 8, 9 & 12 times tables

Week 11 Home Learning - Afternoons 29th June

Week 10 Afternoon Learning - June 22nd - The Year 6 Cookbook

Street Child by Berlie Doherty - The Blurb

Still image for this video

Week 8 Afternoon Lockdown Art

Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition

Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 1 Winner 1 - Canadian Geese (Sol)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 2 Winner 2 - Goldfinch (Megan)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 3 Winner 3 - Male Mallard (Issy T)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 4 Winner 4 - I Think the back of a chaffinch Ewan Z
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 5 Winner 5 - Wood Pigeon (Sam)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 6 Winner 6 - A Robin Bob Bob Bobbin Along (Anya)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 7 Beautiful Mandarin Ducks (Anya)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 8 Swan-A-Swimming (Sol)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 9 Female Mallard (Issy)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 10 Blue tit (Megan)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 11 A neutral wood pigeon (Sam)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 12 Blue tit on the fence (Issy T)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 13 Robin having lunch (Megan)
Week 7 British Bird Photo Competition 14 Great Crested Grebe (Sol)
Picture 1

Big in Japan 2 - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Picture 1

Japanese Door Sign

Japanese Door Sign 1

This afternoon, can you create a Japanese door sign with your name on?  Quite often in Japanese public buildings, door handles have wooden blocks hanging off with messages.  This may be to say a toilet is engaged; it may be to say the area is private and not to enter. 

However, I'd like you to create a Japanese door tag for your room that includes your name and a word you feel best describes you.  

The following website allows you to type your name in and it will convert it into Japanese 

Traditionally, as mentioned above, these are produced on a thin block of wood with a hole for a cord or a strip of leather to go through.


幸運の 年 6

エムアール スミス

Hamamatsu Kites

Hamamatsu Kites 1

Afternoon African Art - Masks

Picture 1

Transformations - Reflection Across The X-Axis

Support for reflecting shapes over the x or y axis.
Please note, the video only shows how to reflect over the x axis. Follow the same instructions when reflecting the y axis, but keep the y coordinate the same and do the opposite for the x - you'll see what I mean when you watch the video.

Soul Brothers (SA) - Bazobuya

The Soul Brothers have recorded 30 albums since their formation in 1974. They're a South Africa township jive band who play the unique mbaqanga sound.

Their music shaped South African culture during the 70's and 80's, especially for those fighting Apartheid.

In 1993, they were invited to play at Nelson Mandela's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Isla, Norway.

The Specials - Nelson Mandela (Official Music Video)

The Specials released this song in 1984 at the height of the Apartheid protests.

National Curriculum Spellings for Y5 and Y6