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Science Task - week commencing 18th January

This week in Science as part of our Forces and Magnetism topic, I would like you to look at the uses of magnets.  Can you think of any uses before you watch the videos below and make a list of them?  Watch the videos below, taking notes.  My personal favourite is the cow one - you will see what I mean...


Once you have done this, your job is to make a poster/booklet about the uses of magnets.  Think carefully about your title (you may include some alliteration).  You may use subheadings then explain the different uses underneath these.  You may also draw some pictures to help show their uses.

Remember to make your poster/booklet interesting!

Everyday Uses for Magnets

Science Tasks - week commencing 11th January


Please find below some Science tasks I would like you to work on and complete.  Recently in class, we had begun our Forces and Magnetism topic and although you won't be able to replicate some of the investigations I was going to do, I think you can certainly have fun doing some of the things we would have done in class!


Task  1 - Pushes and Pulls

Look at the "Pushes and Pulls information" and follow the instructions.


Task 2 - Rolling

Watch my video clip on what to do for Task 2 and complete the activity.  (This will be uploaded in due course).

Science Task 2 - Rolling

Science task explanation

The rolling