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New Entrant Families

Preparing For School Guide

50 Things To Do Over Summer!

How many of these fun activities can you complete during the summer holidays? If you would like to, you could make a scrapbook of your adventures and bring it into school in September to share with your teachers and friends. 

Reception Class Tour

The Reception Class children would like to welcome you and show you around their classroom. In this video you can see some of the exciting things that you can play and learn when you start Reception Class. We hope you enjoy the tour and we can't wait until you can come and play soon!

Tour of the Reception Classroom

Watch this video to meet Miss Purcell and Mrs Gaskell and to take a tour of the Reception classroom.

Tour of Worth Primary School

Watch this video to take a tour of our school.

Please note: This video was filmed during COVID-19 school restrictions. Due to these restrictions, the school set up is different to how it is currently. For example, the video shows resources being stored in different places, some resources/equipment not in use and all tables in rows.

Starting School story with Miss Purcell

Listen to Miss Purcell reading a story all about starting school. Some things will be similar to when the children start at Worth. We hope you enjoy the story.

Parent Information Presentation

Parent Testimonials

The parents of the 2020-21 Reception Class cohort have provided some statements to reassure you about your child's start in September. Here is what they had to say about their child's first year at Worth Primary School:


"We would just like to say how extremely happy we are with Worth school and given such a difficult year for everyone, it’s not once affected my son and his learning! He’s quite sensitive and shy at times so I was worried about not being able to go into the classroom and reassure him, but there was no need. He was happy to go in by himself and nearly a whole year done, he’s not once been a struggle at going in by himself. The reception team are just fantastic and have given my son the best start. His reading and writing has come on so much and he’s so happy within the setting. We get tapestry updates on what the class have been doing and during school closures (lockdown), my son was set tasks. Again this was so thorough and well set, that my son wasn’t missing out. Miss Purcell is a credit to the school!"


“My little boy has really enjoyed his reception year at Worth and I can’t speak highly enough of Miss Purcell and her reception team. They have done an amazing job of helping my little boy settle in, in what has been a more challenging year than normal. They are great at what they do and have created a very nurturing and caring classroom environment. The children are constantly having fun whilst learning so many new and wonderful things. My little boy especially loves Forest Friday, and he couldn’t have enjoyed the Life Cycle topic any more than he did - Miss Purcell comes up with some brilliant things. He’s had an amazing first year !”


"We were slightly worried about our little boys starting Reception as they are the youngest in the class. Miss Purcell put our minds at ease over a telephone conversation.
The boys absolutely love going to school and always come home with smiles on their faces with lots of stories to tell.
I couldn’t of asked for a better start for the boys. Miss Purcell, Mrs Gaskell and Mrs Brown all make such a fun learning environment for all the children."


"We were very apprehensive about our son starting school last year especially given that he was at home with us pretty much everyday last year. We didn’t need to worry Miss Purcell, Mrs Brown and Mrs Gaskell are amazing - a real credit to the school! They couldn’t do more to help the children feel special, with balloons and banners welcoming them after yet another lockdown! The classroom and outdoor area are constantly changing to keep the children engaged, with chicks and tadpoles included!! Our son runs into school excited to start each day, it is a lovely caring environment and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Worth Primary School!"


"Our daughter has settled into Reception class so much better than we could have hoped for. Every day she comes out smiling and tells us what a great day she’s had. Her confidence has grown so much, and her reading and writing abilities have come on leaps and bounds.
It is a real credit to Miss Purcell, Mrs Gaskell and Mrs Brown that they have created such a happy, nurturing environment for the children."


"Our daughter is a highly sensitive child, this means she can be very emotional and noise, smells or textures can bother her greatly. She was concerned about wearing waterproof trousers for forest school not to mention other things. We were very anxious about her starting especially as they had not seen or spent time in the class. We really had nothing to worry about, after talking through her sensitives with Miss Purcell and watching the tour of the classroom video over and over with our daughter we knew what to expect and she felt much calmer. I think post-covid the video should be a part of the induction as the children can watch it whenever they want to reassure them. The teachers did absolutely everything to make her first few weeks enjoyable and she was very proud when she wore the waterproof trousers! A heartfelt thank you to you all the reception teachers and what you have done for her, she has gone from strength to strength and when I asked her "would you rather spend the day with mummy, daddy & Nana or go to school?" she said without hesitation "school" - says it all really!"


"Sadly, last year when my child was about to start Reception, COVID restrictions were in place so the "normal" new entrant activities did get take place before the children started school. Although I felt strange about this (I don't think my child was bothered as she knew no different), I feel the Reception staff planned activities at the start of the academic year really well which helped to reassure me as a worried parent and helped to ease my child in perfectly. From the beginning, I quickly learnt there was nothing to worry about as my child has been nurtured from day one in that class. Her interests, needs and strengths (academic and otherwise) have all been important to the staff in Reception and this has been the case throughout the year. Perhaps some children (and parents!) are more shaky than others (particularly at the start of the year) but the Reception staff have been truly brilliant and will cater to your child's needs brilliantly. They have been exceptional!"


"The start of my daughters school life was different, like no other. We weren’t able to accompany her into the classroom like we did with our older children which left me feeling a little disappointed and worried for her and how she’d feel on her first day. I needn’t have worried, I actually think the process was much calmer and much easier all round. My daughter was worried before starting that she wouldn’t know where things were but the online videos settled her nerves.
Miss Purcell, Mrs Gaskell and Mrs Brown are all amazing, the variety of activities the children have access too is just brilliant and the subtleties of learning through play that are incorporated into everyday learning is just spot on. I don’t think we could ask for any better."