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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Hello - Monday 5th July

Friday 2nd July - Hello and Zoom!


Morning all!  Please watch my quick message below...  Bring along more True and False statements to our Zoom call this morning.  I will also have a "mystery basket" for those of you who remember this from the last lockdown so bring along something to write on so you can have a guess.


Have a super day!

Hello - Friday 2nd July

Thursday 1st July - Zoom


DON'T FORGET to bring some true or false statements about yourself to our Zoom meeting.  I will join in with the guessing today too! I look forward to hearing who has climbed Mount Everest or eaten 50 sausage rolls in one minute! surprise

Hello - Thursday 1st July

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Because we are determined in Year 3!

Hello - Wednesday 30th June

Quick message - Tuesday 29th June


I will be doing daily Zoom meetings at 9:30 a.m.  You will have been sent the details via email.  I look forward to seeing you.


See my Tuesday hello below!

Hello - Tuesday 29th June

Hello - Monday 28th June, 2021


Hi everyone,


Please find a quick video below.  I will set up the morning Zoom video calls from tomorrow again if necessary.  Just keep looking out regularly for any information in the "Lockdown learning" section.


Thank you and please keep smiling ALL of you!  This isn't for long and WE'VE got this.  Go Team Year 3! wink


Mrs D





In a while I will put some work into the "Lockdown Learning" section but if you cannot get around to doing this today (which I TOTALLY understand!), I would take this as an opportunity to get on with any outstanding homework and do some reading.


Fingers crossed I will see you all sooner rather than later! heart

Hello - Monday 28th June


Homework News


Homework will take place over the next 8 weeks.  I will put an English and Maths homework on at the start of each week to make this consistent and give you a bit of a head start should it be needed.  Each homework will be in the form of some sort of “challenge” in order to make it engaging and will relate to Mental Maths/Spellings/Reading each week.  I may even choose to show some of the amazing work your child does in class, as that will not only encourage them, but others in the class too!


Dates of when the homework is due in will be posted each week, but for your reference, English is still due in the following Tuesday after being set and Maths on the following Thursday.


Good luck! 😉

Mrs Devlin's Handy Hints


I will start to add information to this area that I think you might find useful.




I am starting with WWWAABBUNOI which we have just started to discuss in class.  All is explained if you click on the Handy Hints icon.


Many thanks,


Mrs Devlin


National Curriculum Spelling List

Welcome to Year 3's Online Learning - Spring 2021


Welcome to the Year 3 Remote Learning Area. Here you will find all the planning and resources you will need for the next half term.


Starting from Thursday 7th January, there will be one Maths and English task posted on our class page for each day (Monday to Friday). These are for you to download and complete. Some will include an explanation video from me or links to video demonstrations from other websites or I may give a written explanation to help too.  Please post your completed work onto Seesaw so that I can check it. Keyworker children will be completing the same tasks in school.


In addition to this, I will be posting a range of Science, Topic, Art and P.E. activities for you to access. Please aim to complete at least one of these per day. I will attach a suggested daily timetable. Use it as a guideline but we appreciate that families have different circumstances so adjust it to your own preferences.


For those children in school, we will be sharing the same Topic with Year 4 which is the Ancient Egyptians. You can choose to do the same at home but there will be plenty of other activities for you to choose from as alternatives.


Many thanks!


Mrs Devlin

Update for Weds 20th Jan

The extra work/link I am putting on relates to Wednesday's work and not Tuesday's or tomorrow's.  Mrs D doesn't know what day it is! wink

Weekly Hello w/c 18.1.21

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Happy Monday!!! Enjoy a good boogie to this song! Fresh air = good for brain. Music/dancing = good for brain.

Science Task

Weekly hello w/c 11.1.20

The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian

Here's a feel good video to start off your week and a great way to do some exercise-enjoy!

Welcome to Lockdown Learning

A little hello from me...

Suggested Timetable