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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!




                                                       Home Learning



Welcome to our Home learning Platform


Every day Mrs Devlin and I will upload a Maths and English task and also an Open Ended Task{Topic} that will be linked to the theme of the Ancient Egyptians.

Much of the work can be done in the exercise book you received on Friday or on paper if you weren't in school.

When completing a task please try to think how you would do it in school. Think about the presentation and accurate spellings and punctuation. Continue to check your work carefully to make sure it makes sense.

Please do not worry if you cannot complete every task every day,just carry it forward to the next day.

All we ask is for you to try your very best and also enjoy your learning in these difficult circumstances.

Happy Easter


May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter!  Work will continue to be put on here after Easter.  We hope the children do keep their brains ticking in the meantime.  Please enjoy the precious time you have with your children and tell them they are very much missed by us all!



Home Learning Plan Tuesday 31st March

Dear Parents.

 My sincere apologies  for all the confusion with the daily planning for today.

Hopefully this is the correct plan.

Many Thanks

Mrs Sigley


Speed Tables

Think and Solve

Shopping -adding up items

Year 3 Money problems


Egyptian Society

Think and Solve Task 11

Cake Sale

2 step money problems

Sleeping Beauty 1

Sleeping Beauty 2

National Curriculum Spelling List