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Summer Term

Maths Homework Summer Term

Each week, a task will be uploaded onto the relevant section on this page for you to complete for the following week.  The task will be placed at the top of the section so it's easy to access and you don't end up scrolling down to the very bottom.


Along with the Maths homework task, there will be a 10 to 15 minute arithmetic task in the 'Mental Arithmetic and Times Tables' section on the Year 6 page.  


We will continue to complete a 20 to 30 minute arithmetic test in school each week as well as working on all of the times tables from 2's to 12's.


Currently in class, we're doing a times table table.  At the moment, the speediest time for the 7 times table is 15 seconds saying '1 x 7 is 7, 2 x 7 is 14....'  Challenge yourself with a chosen times table from 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12's and see if you can achieve a quick time to compete in class.  This is for everyone and will be done individually or as a class if you wish to.  You're aiming to beat your time to start with!


Any questions, please ask me in school or on SeeSaw - Mr Smythe smiley

Maths Homework - Week 4 of 8 - Calculating Angles Mixed Practice

This week's Maths homework is based on the work Year 6 have completed over the previous few weeks.  It's a mix of angle types where you will have to calculate what a missing angle is or identify certain features of angles.  


Make sure you read the information carefully, especially the instructions above each section.  The questions do get progressively harder, but all areas have been covered in class.  If you're struggling with anything, speak to me in class and I can go over it with you. 

Maths Homework - Week 3 of 8 - Finding Missing Angles in Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Maths Homework - Thursday 13th May (Hand-in on Thursday 20th May)


This week's homework is all about finding the values of the missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.  


There are a few tasks on the homework sheet, which build up to an extension task if you wish to complete it.  


We're covering this in class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so if you're unsure, wait until we've worked through the lessons and then tackle the homework.

The homework for Thursday 6th May (hand-in Thursday 13th May) is all to do with angles. 


Firstly, there is a crossword with words related to angles and shape.  Use the clues at the bottom to support you - these are all words we've looked at and shouted out in class this year!  If you are struggling with what the words are, I've attached the answers and I can also supply you with the list of words that go into it - just ask in school. 


Next, there are a set of questions on various angles.  They do get harder as the questions move on - if you struggle with any of the end ones, speak to me in school and I'll help.  These questions are all based on activities we will be doing in class over this week and the start of next week.  You will need a protractor for the task, especially Q1 to Q6 - I can supply this and you can bring it back once you've finished.


Please speak to me in school if anything proves tricky or check out which has some simple guides to follow.  

Good luck this week!!!

The homework for Thursday 29th April (hand in 6th May) is based on the statistics work we've been working through in class.  


There are three levelled areas of homework - Level 1 to Level 3.  Level 3 is the hardest - Choose the piece of homework you feel most comfortable with.  If you find the level you've chosen too hard or too easy, please change to the next or previous level.


Each piece of homework includes 2 pages and an answer sheet (DON'T CHEAT).  The sheets don't need to be printed, unless you wish to do so, as the questions can be answer onto a piece of paper or computer document.


Work should be uploaded for next Thursday (6th May).  If you have any problems with your work, please message me on SeeSaw or speak to me in class - I'm here to help.