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Happy Breathing

During the Autumn Term, the children learnt about what happens to our brains when we feel stressed, angry or overwhelmed. We found out about how the pre-frontal cortex and the hippocampus go to sleep, and only our amygdala is functioning. (Yes, even our Year 1s learnt this vocabulary!) This is why we can't think or react rationally when we are in this state and why we are often told to "take some deep breaths". My Happy Mind teaches some specific ways of regulating our brains and allowing the different parts to work together again. These are called Happy Breathing. 


I will attach below some scripts for Happy Breathing. You can read these aloud to your children, or some of them (eg finger breathing) describe a physical movement with your hands which can accompany deep breaths and you may wish to use these without the scripts. If you feel your child or anyone in your family would benefit from breathing techniques, it is advised to practise them regularly when you are feeling calm; that way when you are anxious or angry, the technique is familiar and can be easily accessed.


The final document entitled "breathing techniques" includes some printables - these can be printed and out onto paper or card; some children find it beneficial to have these in front of them and trace the patterns with their fingers while they breathe deeply and calmly.


If you would like any further advice on this, please do contact me via the school office.

Mrs Naughton