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At Worth Primary School, we aim to build a solid foundation of scientific knowledge by nurturing and developing the curiosity and excitement the children hold for the world around them. Our curriculum ensures the application of specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics through scientific enquiry and practical approaches. Scientific language and skills, including questioning, research and observations are built upon each academic year as topics are visited. We understand the importance of Science – now, in the past and for our future. We want to inspire our own scientists for the years to come by igniting a spark of wonder and wisdom into the world of Science.  



Science is taught through topic work and weekly discrete lessons. Teachers create a positive attitude to science learning within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all pupils can achieve high standards in this core subject. They are committed to providing a stimulating, engaging and challenging learning environment ensuring investigations are included within each unit of study.

Teachers give the children time at the beginning of a unit, to share what they already know. At the end of the study, children can compare what they initially knew to what they have since learnt. This can be used to show their progression and as an opportunity to be proud of their achievements. EYFS demonstrate an understanding of the world around them. We follow the National Curriculum and the EYFS Framework to determine which topics each year group studies. This builds on children’s previous progression. Teachers have the flexibility to use a variety of excellent resources to enhance the children’s learning. We aim to provide an enriched curriculum with cross curricular links where possible.

Key scientific language is modelled throughout lessons enabling our children to be familiar with and use vocabulary accurately. Memorable experiences including educational trips and workshops are also arranged to enhance learning opportunities.



  • Children within the school enjoy and are excited by Science.
  • They are particularly passionate about practical activities and demonstrate curiosity through questioning in lessons.
  • Teaching ensures children are provided with the foundations and knowledge for understanding the world.
  • Our aim is to have all pupils ready and enthusiastic for the secondary curriculum when leaving Year 6.