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Science Homework

Have a go at stargazing

Remember to wrap up warm and use a red torch to help you see in the dark. You can easily make a red torch by attaching a piece of red cellophane over the end of the torch.

Download an app to help identify what you can see, SkyView is a great one to start with.

For more long term stargazing start a star diary or journal and record what you can see each night.

The Plough is always a fun group of stars to find as it looks like a saucepan. It’s actually part of Ursa Major, which is a constellation.

Orion’s Belt sits in the constellation of Orion ( the Hunter ). The belt is three bright stars in a row which are usually easy to spot!

Another famous star to locate is the North Star which sits directly above the North Pole and tends to stay in the same position.