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Worth Reading Challenge

Over the next 8 weeks, the children have been challenged to read their way to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (a depth of 36,000 feet), get the treasure chest and take it back to the surface.  This is a total of 72,000 feet and they will travel 1 foot for every 2 minutes they read.  This means they need to read for 144,000 minutes! This year, only what the children read at home will count.  


Each week, you can visit this page to see how far we have travelled!  We will also update you in our weekly newsletter.

Please support our journey and your children to help us reach our goal!  There will be prizes, certificates and a very special sea themed day if we can make it!


We are also launching our 'Extreme Reading' again, where you can send in pictures of your children reading in weird and wonderful places!  We like to share these in our Friday celebration assembly.


Happy Reading!