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Worth Reading Challenge

Week 2 Completed and the children and staff have now travelled 76,344 miles by reading for 76,344 minutes!  Still a long way to go so please keep reading!

Week 2 reading Challenge Update

Over the next 9 weeks, the children have been challenged to read their way through space and visit all the planets and finish at the sun! However, they will also be reading to get the whole school to the moon!  We aim to travel 250,000 miles to the moon by reading for 250,000 minutes!

Some of this will be achieved in school when we do our whole school reading after lunch each day, but the rest is down to us all to do at home (staff included)!

Each week, you can visit this page to see how far we have travelled!  We will also update you in our weekly newsletter.

Please support our journey and your children to help us reach our goal!  There will be prizes, certificates and a very special space themed day if we can make it!