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Welcome to Year 2's spelling page.

Each Monday there will be a new set of spellings for your child to practice.  There will only be 5 or 6 examples of focus words but your child should try to think of other appropriate words depending on the focus of the week.  The following Monday there will be a quiz on the words given and some mystery spellings related to that week's focus.  


Happy learning!

Summer Term Spellings

Week 2 Spellings (4th May 2021) To be tested Tuesday 11th May

Week 1 Spellings (27.4.21) To be tested Tuesday 4th May

These are the last spellings for this term.  Please continue to look at Common Exception Words for Year 2 and Year 1 until we start spellings again next term.  

Week 11 Irregular Past Tense Verbs - 30th November 2020

Week 10 suffix 'ed' - 23rd November 2020

Week 8 - Monday 9th November

This week, I would like your child to practice spelling days of the week and months of the year. I will give them a quiz on a selection of these next week.  Please remind your child that every day and month should start with a capital letter.

Week 7 -  Monday 2nd November

This week, I would like your child to focus on the Common Exception Words for Year 1 and Year 2.  You will find lists of these on the home page for each class.  I do not expect your child to know how to spell them all but they should practise some of the ones they find tricky.  The quiz next week will be mainly on the Year 2 list but there will be a few Year 1 words, too.  

Week 2 - 21st September 2020 - /ee/ sound

Week 1 - 14th September 2020 - /ai/ sound