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Homework Commencing 4th October 2020

Homework in Reception is much more informal than other year groups, as we understand that many children are still settling into the new school routines. Therefore, each half term you will receive a home learning challenge grid with 12 fun and active activity ideas on, some activities will link to our topic and some will be more open ended. The first grid, with more information, will be posted at the beginning of next half term (Monday 2nd November).


For the next 3 weeks, here are some things you can be getting on with at home:


-Choose something you are proud of to upload to Tapestry. This might be something you have made (e.g. junk modelling, a cake you have baked, a Lego model), it might be something you have achieved at a club (e.g. star player at football, a new skill you have learnt at gymnastics) or it might be something you have done for the first time (e.g. a really long walk up a steep hill, learning to ride your bike, doing your zip up on your coat). You will have chance to share this with your friends during Monday news. 


-Read your reading book and practise your word/sound cards as often as possible. You could make some puppets of the Robinson family to use in a puppet show! Why not act out your favourite story, or even make up your own!


-Keep practising your independent skills. Continue to practise getting dressed all by yourself and chopping your own food up using a knife and fork. 


-Have a go at one of the phonics games I have put a link to in the 'Letters and Sounds Support' section of the Reception page. 


-Practise writing your name independently. 


-Learn a new Nursery Rhyme.


-In Maths we have been learning about matching and sorting. Explain to your grown ups what matching and sorting means. Can you help your grown up to match and sort the socks in your house? Talk about the different patterns on the socks. Can you sort the socks into different sets? You could sort them into trainer socks and ankle socks or stripy socks and plain socks. You could challenge yourself and sort them into 3 sets. Compare the sets. Which set has more socks in? Which set has less socks in? 


Don't forget to upload anything you do at home to Tapestry! You can post pictures and/or videos.