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Tested on Wednesday 10th May


  1. category
  2. cemetery
  3. committee
  4. communicate
  5. community
  6. competition
  7. conscience
  8. conscious
  9. controversy
  10. convenience
  11. correspond
  12. criticise
  13. curiosity
  14. definite
  15. desperate


Spellings in context to help you understand and learn them


  1.  My favourite book category is non-fiction.
  2.  Each year we visit our deceased family members at the cemetery.
  3.  Before a school can make big decisions, they have to talk to the Governor committee.
  4.  It is important to communicate your feelings to people.
  5.  We are all part of the school community.
  6. I entered the reading competition – and won!
  7.  Your conscience is the small voice inside you that tells you what is right and wrong.
  8.  Thankfully, the cyclist was conscious after his accident.
  9.  There is often controversy between players in a football match.
  10. The local shop is of great convenience to us as it is open until late.
  11.  Nowadays people often correspond via email.
  12.  If we criticise someone we must sure to be polite.
  13.  My curiosity about certain subjects leads me to partake in extra research at home.
  14.  My mum always uses pencil in her diary until a plan is definite (and then she uses pen!).
  15.  My sister is desperate to get a rabbit.


Tested on Tuesday 16th May


  1. determined
  2. develop
  3. dictionary
  4. disastrous
  5. embarrass
  6. environment
  7. equipment
  8. especially
  9. exaggerate
  10. excellent
  11. existence
  12. explanation
  13. familiar
  14. foreign
  15. forty

Spellings in context to help you understand and learn them

  1.  I am determined to do my very best in my SATs.
  2.  My targets tell me what skills I need to develop in order to improve.
  3.  I use a dictionary to help me spell unknown words.
  4. Today was disastrous! I ruined my best trainers in a puddle!
  5.  I don’t like it when my elder brother tries to embarrass me.
  6.  It is important to look after our environment.
  7. I must make sure I have all the necessary equipment for lessons.
  8.  Dad bought new shoes especially for the wedding.
  9.  My mum tends to exaggerate when she is telling a story!
  10.  My friend has an excellent idea for a World Book Day costume.
  11.  Dinosaurs were in existence millions of years ago.
  12.  My teacher likes me to give an explanation of why I like a book.
  13. The park looks familiar, I think I have been before.
  14. I am looking forward to learning a foreign language in Secondary School.
  15.  My Dad turns forty on Friday.


Tested on Tuesday 23rd  May

  1. frequently
  2. government
  3. guarantee
  4. harass
  5. hindrance
  6. identity
  7. immediately
  8. individual
  9. interfere
  10. interrupt
  11. language
  12. leisure
  13. lightning
  14. marvellous
  15. mischievous


Spellings in context to help you understand and learn them


  1. The train runs frequently through my town.
  2.  The government runs our country.
  3. Most items come with a three year guarantee in case they are faulty.
  4. The bully used to harass me for my lunch money.
  5.  The weather can be a hindrance to aircraft taking off.
  6.  You should protect your identity online.
  7. We each have individual targets.
  8.  It is rude to interfere in another person’s business.
  9.  We shouldn’t interrupt people when they are speaking.
  10.  French is the language I speak at home.
  11.  In my leisure time, I enjoy swimming.
  12. Thunder usually accompanies lightning.
  13.  I had a marvellous weekend at the zoo.
  14. My baby cousin is very mischievous.



Tested on Tuesday 13th June

  1. muscle
  2. necessary
  3. neighbour
  4. nuisance
  5. occupy
  6. occur
  7. opportunity
  8. parliament
  9. persuade
  10. physical
  11. prejudice
  12. privilege
  13. profession
  14. programme
  15. pronunciation

Spellings in context to help you understand and learn them


  1. Our brain is probably our most powerful muscle.
  2. It was necessary for me to bring a blanket to the park to sit on.
  3. Our next door neighbour owns six dogs!
  4. I find it a nuisance when I misplace my oyster card.
  5. When my brother moves out to University I will occupy his bedroom.
  6.  Great things occur when you work hard.
  7.  We are lucky that we have the opportunity to attend school for free.
  8.  Members of parliament debate in the House of Commons.
  9. I had to persuade my parents to let me stay out late.
  10.  I have a physical disability which means I must use a wheelchair.
  11.  Any form of prejudice or discrimination is wrong.
  12.  It was a privilege to host the Queen’s birthday party.
  13.  People in the teaching profession work many hours.
  14.  I watch the same TV programme every week.
  15.  My computer often helps me with the pronunciation of words.


Tested on Tuesday 20th June


  1. queue
  2. recognise
  3. recommend
  4. relevant
  5. restaurant
  6. rhyme
  7. rhythm
  8. sacrifice
  9. secretary
  10. shoulder
  11. signature
  12. sincerely
  13. soldier
  14. stomach
  15. sufficient

Spellings in context to help you understand and learn them


  1. We had to queue for three hours to buy the new I phone.
  2. People often recognise me because I look like my brother.
  3. I like to recommend good books to my friends.
  4. In the reading test you should scan for the relevant words.
  5. Last week, we visited a Chinese restaurant.
  6. A poet often uses rhyme in their poems.
  7. My uncle dances with absolutely no rhythm!
  8.  Many parents sacrifice a part of their lives for their children.
  9. The secretary put me through to the Managing Director.
  10. When he was younger, my brother’s shoulder bone came out of its socket.
  11. People have a signature which is unique to them.
  12.  A sincere apology is always gratefully received.
  13.  The soldier defended the civilians from attack.
  14.  Your stomach lies in the upper central part of the abdomen behind the lower ribs.
  15. You need to make sure you have sufficient funds before purchasing .


Tested on Tuesday 27th June


  1. suggest
  2. symbol
  3. system
  4. temperature
  5. thorough
  6. twelfth
  7. variety
  8. vegetable
  9. vehicle
  10. yacht



Spellings in context to help you understand and learn them


  1. May I suggest you wear your coat in this bad weather?
  2. Wearing the Kara is a symbol that you are a Sikh.
  3. This computer system is complicated.
  4. The temperature was above ninety degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. The mechanic took a thorough look at the car.
  6. I finished twelfth in the hurdles race.
  7. There were a variety of flowers in the bouquet.
  8. Broccoli is the only vegetable I do not like.
  9. The vehicle was deemed to be roadworthy.
  10. We sailed a yacht whilst on holiday.