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Year 6 Visit to Poynton High School

As part of their transition to Year 7, our Year 6 pupils went to Poynton High School for a familiarisation and taster morning. The report below is written by several member of Year 6.


As we walked through the Reception area, we looked at the four house teams: Davenport, Legh, Newton and Vernon. Mrs Kennedy was there to greet us and took us to the library where we sat down to ask questions and talk with her. Then we were given mock timetables and a map of the school to help us get used to the layout. After that, we were challenged to find Room 23 using the maps. We sat down with partners to learn about the history of the house teams.


Later on, we went to the canteen and bought a snack. We had the choice of sausage rolls, crumpets, pancakes or croissants. Then we had to find our way to Room 12 where we had a second lesson about co-ordinates. Finally, we got to question some Year 7 pupils about their experience of Poynton High School so far.