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Year 4 Roman Trip to Chester

On Wednesday 8th March, we went on a very exciting trip to Chester in connection with our topic on the Romans. We visited the Grosvenor museum where we learnt all about the Roman invasion of Britain and what they left behind. The museum had plenty of artefacts for the children to handle and investigate, including pottery, coins and mosaics and the chance to imagine themselves as archaeologists examining the layers of a local dig. They even enjoyed a bit of dressing up!


In the afternoon, the children experienced a taste of what it was like to be in the Roman army themselves. With their own shields, they were marched through the streets by a real Roman soldier! We stopped off at the remains of an amphitheatre. It was here that the children learnt how to organise themselves into different battle formations. They learnt how to use them to attack the enemy and even tested them out on the teachers!


Everybody had a great time, despite the cold weather. Well done to all the children in Year 4 for their enthusiasm throughout the day.


Miss Harwood & Mrs Naughton